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Reimagining your love story with a lens

There's a huge difference between a snapshot and a photograph.

Anyone with an iPhone can:

  • Ask you to strike a pose
  • Tell you to smile
  • Snap a picture
  • And add a filter

But a photograph? That takes an artistic touch.

That takes me, Tanya. I'm your artist with a lens. And forever photographs are what you deserve for your wedding day.

Your photographs are the one thing that from your wedding day that will last a lifetime. They're the only memento that captures your love through candid moments.

  • Like the way, his eyes light up when he sees you in your dress for the first time.
  • Like the smile that emanates from your lips when you hear him say "I do."
  • Like the glow, you both exude when you enter the reception venue.

I collect these candid moments throughout your day and so many more.

But I'm not your average wedding photographer — I use my camera lens to recreate the true essence of your love story and reimagine it with artistic flair. From the lighting and style to the feeling and mood, my eagle-eye skills capture every detail of your special day.

I don't just show up 10 minutes before your wedding, shoot & preset your photographs, and email you a digital album at the end of the day. No, I take magazine-worthy photographs filled with every emotion that occurred during your special day.

How do I do this? I truly get to know you and our style.

I don’t shoot every wedding the same way. I approach each wedding differently and each couple differently. Every couple wants something that truly represents their love, so I meet those needs and requirements by doing my research like:

  • Having an engagement session to make sure you’re comfortable with me and with the camera.
  • Going to your wedding venue ahead of time to scout out perfect, flawless lighting, and fun poses.
  • Following up with you for several days before your event to make sure everything is going well.

And after your wedding day ends, I cull every photograph myself
(sometimes there's more than 5,000!).

I take each captured moment and enhance it with my own tailored-to-your-style filters, so it invokes the feelings of that specific moment and shows the true elements of your character & personality.

All so that when you look through your forever photographs for the first time, you gasp in delight because you remember the way you felt and every detail of your wedding.

Fun fact:

Even though I've been professionally reimagining weddings with an artistic touch for 5 years and have several awards associated with my photography, I just got engaged and don't know what type of wedding I want. Can you believe it?

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    Photography is an austere and blazing poetry of the real.

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